Painted Brick ...

More on the Painted brick subject.  You know I have gone to the look hook, line and sinker.  It took me five years to paint the brick in my last house.  After being so pleased with the results ... and after looking at photos of my fireplace before it was painted (ick.) It took me all of five minutes to start painting the brick in our new house.

Here's a little DIY that I DID do myself and it is SUPER easy, you know it is if I tackled it!!

My "New" Painted Brick Wall:

My friends at C&T Paint Store.  Seriously, my friends ... I have been going there for years and I don't know what I would do without them!  They recommended this:

Latex X-Tender.  Yes, you can just add water to your paint, but that tends to cause the paint to loose the pigment.  Did you read about the floor situation?  Same thing.  I am not into diluting my colors.  

The Latex X-tender keeps the color pigment.  They also recommend to add a cap full to your gallon of paint if you are painting trim.  Hides the Brush Marks.  Thank you very much.

You need VERY LITTLE PAINT.  I bought a gallon. Complete overkill.

In a cup I mixed about 1/4 cup paint to 3/4 cups of the X-tender.  Watery and drippy, beware!

One coat gives this sheer look, It feels very ethereal to me ... I loved it.

But I did want a little more color so I added a Second Coat ... same mixture.

A little more color. Still soft and sheer.

I couldn't help myself ... I went for a third coat ... and finally was happy to STOP!

A little more color, not much brick color showing at all, but still obvious.  Understand?

And I didn't change the 1/4 paint to 3/4 X-tender ratio ... just added another coat.

If you do this, definitely play around with the mixture and keep stirring ... as you get to the bottom of your cup you will find the paint heavier if you don't.

Here's where it all started ... Big, Heavy, Brick in your face!

We are playing around with the little fireplace to see if it might become our bar or wine rack.  Not decided yet.  Don't focus on that ... it looks like a black hole.

 Look at the brick!

And NOW I love the brick in my face:

Also painted the brick fireplace in the basement where the kids will hang out.  

Gloss Black.  

Will share next week!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Not your Momma's Blue and White!

Jennifer of The Pink Pagoda Fame is hosting a Blue and White Bash today.  She is asking all bloggers who love Blue and White to link up to her Blog and show their stuff!

Well ... y'all know me ... If I am going to have a little Blue and White ... it is going to have orange in play and also a punch!

So here's my "Not your Momma's Blue and White Story" ...

Bold Wallpaper, perhaps just on one focal wall, BOCA is my choice.  Then you have to join in on the Highly Saturated LACQUER Blue Walls.  And then with such Gloss, you have to have sleek WHITE.  I can see this board used in a bedroom, with two beautiful X-Benches at the foot of your bed covered in ORANGE zebra.  Of course to match the PAGODA mirror. Or then perhaps you would like this mood in your Dining Room and the fun DARYA fabric could grace your chairs.  Or back to a large round lumbar pillow on your bed.  Then the CHARTREUSE chair ... just because it looks hot.  And it mixes things up.  I like to mix things up.  And a nod to settle the whole damn look down, two arm SCONCES ... sleek and simple!

Pop over to TPP today and link up your favorite Blue and White ... or just see what is inspiring everyone else!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Nantucket ... you guessed it ...


Some of you may remember these photos ... I blogged about them here.  I am going to divulge something very personal here ... seriously!!

Many of you know that Don and I brought our four children together when we married 8 years ago.  And you also know he is the love of my life and the minute we brought this crazy family together I KNEW I was where I was supposed to be and we have had a fabulous ride! ... it is still going by the way!

So ... the other thing is that his ex wife, Lord I hope she is not reading this ... but if she is she knows what I am saying is true!  I actually refer to her as "my" ex because she and I deal with everything.  Don travels so much and honestly we found him to just complicate things more ... he was trying to please us both ...  Ha, he had no chance!  So ... back to my story ... "my" ex bought a fabulous new home on Nantucket.

She does her thing and I do mine ... and she appreciated my furniture so when she decided to to furnish it ... yep ... she came to me!!  We designed the furniture and used good Ol' Ben Moore to help us with colors ... and off the stuff shipped to the Island.  Now, I have not visited the furniture in it's new home ... that would be a little creepy!

Here are a few of the pieces lined up in the warehouse getting ready to ship!

So there you have it ... we all do very nicely here with all these extra people in our lives ... and my goal is to make everyone's life just a little bit prettier, one room at a time ... no matter who they are!!

Go out and Custom make something beautiful ... just to say you did!!