One More ... Atlantis Interiors

Last week I shared with you all the fun and entertaining events put on by the Atlantis Paradise Island ... now I want to share with you the interior!  We stayed in the "Cove" ... the adult only side of the resort.  It was beautiful ... and as my children say ... SWANK!!  Although I am not quite so contemporary in my daily life ... this was fun!  Maybe if I lived in Miami I might consider this an option for home ...

I also think I tend to leave a lot of "dust" in my path as I move ... I am constantly having to pick up after myself and these beautiful interiors made it even more noticeable!  Maybe this is why I tend to like the "clutter look"!

What couldn't be beautiful with the Ocean as your backdrop ...

We all know I love orange ...

this is better than the bedroom!!

Can you tell the sofa is leather with a plush "fur" on the cushions ... scrumptious!!

Love the colors, the feel, the textures ... Experiences like these broaden my senses ... 

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Fish Fry ???

We'll wrap up this week of festive parties and settings at Atlantis Paradise Island with a true 
Bahamian celebration!  The outdoor "fish fry" was not your average "peel and eat" dinner!  
Buffet style dinner with scrumptious local fish with booths of the local craftsmen showing off their skills and celebrating their heritage.

The Junkanoo Band surprised us with our own little celebration ... the energy was contagious!

Celebrate life this weekend, wherever you are ... whatever you are doing!



Shimmery Night ....

A little windy ... but such a wonderful evening ... another look at Atlantis Paradise Island!

The dj was up high ... a true outdoor nightclub ... not that I know what the inside ones look like ... but this was fun and made me feel rather hip for an old girl!!

Do a little Shimmer ... for today ... for the holidays ... just for fun!