Last week I finished My Father's move from Atlanta.  I arrived Wednesday around noon and headed up GA 400 not anticipating going into a very quiet, scarcely furnished house full of memories and no one to share them with.  I needed to feed my soul before my task at hand.

I have read about Boxwoods before and knew it would hold some treasures and eye candy for me.  Y'all know I LOVE New England and truly can't imagine myself living anywhere else.  But the shopping cannot hold a candle to Atlanta.  Don't be offended my sweet Boston stores, you are just few and far between.  Atlanta seems to have design tucked into every corner of every road!

Boxwoods did not disappoint.  

You cannot be in the South without finding a Fabulous Monogram!

How fantastic are these chairs?  Seriously!!!

And this little lamp has some attitude going on ... and gave me a laugh ... !

The Table Settings provided a little inspiration for 2013!  Notice how beautiful, but really very simply done.

Take the sign off the front door ... and I would MOVE in!!

Do you have favorite Go To Shops to get your creative juices flowing?  I will miss being in Atlanta quite as often as I used to be.  But I know I will find a way to squeeze a Fix in!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!



Fabrics and YaYa's ... no better therapy!

I like to touch fabrics.  It is kind of a sickness ... but it is also Therapy.  I love touching, feeling ... I want fabrics that not only look good, but feel good, physically AND mentally.

The three fabrics in the middle my client already has. Chair, Window Seat Cushion and MGBW Sofa  ... we are looking for a little fluff for the room. You know ... in Pillows.

Therapy day at Forsyth's ... I've mentioned them  before here ...  

I just threw them all in ... and started eliminating ... and re arranging ... quite like a puzzle ... but more than one possibility!

Then I popped over to Lewis and Sheron ... to throw in a few more superstars.

Open. Tight. Flowing.  Sounds like what I think a yoga class would be ... except for I don't do yoga.  But have thought about it and agree that it would be good for me.  In the meantime, I meditate with fabrics.

This mix and match all took place on the L&S cutting table.  They were extremely hospitable as I played and took photos and emailed my client. She was walking in the rain in Boston at the time and I filled her text message InBox with my Rambling Creations.

Enough ... I was hungry and ready for the next stop.  What I didn't expect, was to be stopped in my tracks.  You see, I will see my Ya Ya's and Erin tomorrow at the AU/Ark game in Auburn.  We have been planning this for days ... and as I step outside the door of L&S ... this license tag was parked next to me.  Yep ... a good day all around!!

We must not be the only YaYa's out there ... feeling a kindred spirit today. Except I am very envious.  I want this tag.  I think they might have noticed if I stole it.  So I didn't.


Hope you have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you all back next week ... thank you so much for continuing to check in with me!



A little Family time!

Spending a few days with my precious Mother and Daddy in Atlanta ... this photo makes me happy ... they were at the Atlanta Bread Company with Erin in Atlanta talking to Callie and I at home in Sherborn.  The power of ichat!!  They still can't believe they were able to talk to us like this!!