Big Art Inspiration …

There is just something about it. 
I have always been a Sucker for Big Art.

I love the Impact.
The Unexpected SIZE.

I didn't get to visit the Kips Bay Showhouse this year and am bumming more than you could know!

So as I scour the web for all of the inspiration the Showhouse gives I found Elissa.

Take a look at this room, and you can see I fell hard.

 Some more photos from her website.

And don't for a minute think that Big Art is only about paintings or photographs.
Look at these Roman Shades.  Art in the Window.

Here the Art is Good.
But made better by the flanking mirrors and flowers.

And while you are thinking that the Art on the Back Wall 
is Small.
The Art is in the Beams.
Art Framing Art.

And, let's face it.
The Art of God and Nature Beats them All.

I feel a sense of gratefulness toward Elissa for her validation of Large Art.

Hope you are making a place for Big Art!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



ORC Link Up … Week 1

Just when I thought I was capable of focusing on my own!

The One Room Challenge Linking Party starts today … for Six weeks you get to see a MILLION room makeovers with enough inspiration and creativity you could ever imagine all in one Place!

Go here to Follow or Join … Calling It Home.

Don:  "Kim, Can you just focus on the kitchen and the den so we can have two rooms completed before you begin the next?"

Me:  "Yes, I know!  I promise I'll quit jumping around and I'll do these two rooms first."

Don:  "Why are your piles everywhere?"

Me:  "I don't have an office."

Me:  "Linda is doing another ORC"

Don:  "Do it … at least SHE keeps you on task!"

Whoop Whoop … Here we GO!

There is a lot of Ugly to tackle before I get to my inspiration … I know you will pull me through!!

And, Yes … I chose Ms. Confidence!

Now go see what else is happening in homes across the world!

Making The World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Friday Snip-Its … Can it Really be Spring??

1.  Nudes.  Perhaps I am getting older.  I love them.
2.  This fabric made me happy.  Wanted it for the kitchen.
It was TOO much! But the Color!
3.  Do you know this lady?  We met for lunch this week. 
Get to know her!
4.  Carpet Borders.  On the hunt.
5.  This Chandelier.  I need it for a client!
Does she want it like I do???
6.  The Fig is IN.
7.  This Nude.  She celebrates Confidence.  I love her.
8.  More Carpet/Border Hunt for a client.
9.  This Band. Being Considered for a Red Room (mine!) Near You.

Happy Friday sweet Friends.  Celebrate the Weekend.

The Sun is Shining.  God is Good!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.