Nail Art ...

No, not what you are thinking ... but this.

As we continued our trek through Alabama, we stopped here.
Look at the nail line up.
Can you imagine the person that did this?
Such precision.
Rows and Rows.
Pride in Workmanship.
This person must be an artist.

You will never guess.

This was the inside of one of the oldest remaining log jails, circa 1868, in Alabama..
To keep the prisoners from sawing their way out,
the wood beams were lined with nails.

You know me by now.
And how I am moved by history and the art of day to day life.

What I find most interesting is that this place, meant to house those who were to be put away, there was still a pride in workmanship.

It's what draws me to the artisans of today.
Those that still take pride in their work.
Because, guess what, if you are lucky enough ... someone might have the opportunity to see your work in about 200 years.

What will your legacy be?  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Day at a Time.



Bringin' in the Green ...

I think it is because I am a Libra.  Last night at dinner we had a "sign" discussion. 
 Do you ever really think about this?

My family agrees that as a Libra I like to "visit".  Yes, we have had discussions about this ... what is your strength?  Mine ... as lame as it sounds ... is to "visit".  There is nothing I would rather do than sit on a porch, deck, den, table with a glass of tea or wine or whatever you are or I am pouring.  

It all started on my Aunt Matt's porch in Greenville, Alabama.
Have a I told you about this?  When the mosquitos were out she smothered me in Vick's Vapor Rub. 
Yes, it works.
Not even the nasty mosquitos can interfere with a good

Photo: Interiors Magazine

And also as a Libra ... I have a hard time making up my mind.  
I like Rustic. I like Refined.  I love Both.

Photo: Garden and Gun 

But I do Know that I want to bring in the Green.  
And with Black and Cream Buffalo Plaid.
Not only at Christmas.

What do you do best?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Picker's Paradise!

While at the Lake we did a little Pickin'!  I am totally showing my age ... but doesn't this remind you of ... "the day my momma socked it to ... the Harper Valley PTA!" 

Saws ... in case you need them.  And seriously with all the industrial chicness going on, these could be kind of fun!

Ball Jars ... hard to find in New England ... EVERYWHERE in the south!

Old Mixers.  I even see these at Brimfield.

A little Victorian Settee in South Alabama ... such a Victorian State!

Timely.  We were fortunate enough to go to a number of Olympic Events when they were in Atlanta.  Like every mother I was convinced that Erin would be a gymnastic star!  Clearly ... that didn't work out!

Callie has an affection for blue glass.

Snow White?  Who spins?  without a bike?

More blue glass!

Perhaps the people of Howard College might be interested.

We have stories in our house about disco balls ... so this was perfect.  We didn't buy it.

If you don't have an iron skillet you should.  Not only do they cook well, they really add iron to what you are cooking and keep you healthy!  Plus I still have that corn cob shape skillet pan ... I grew up with corn muffins made in the shape of corn cobs.  Don't laugh.  They were good!

So House Beautiful just came out with the In's and Out's of Color ... Yellow is Out ... Perhaps this is why it is all stored at the Water Valley Antique Market!

So you can stock up when it becomes HOT again!

I love all the old thick wrought iron furniture ... 

Coins and Coins ... 

We came home with these two jars ... that was it. Our $14.00 purchase for the day!

I seriously tried to get SOMEONE to buy this chandelier.  No one was BUYING into my vision!

Green Wrought Iron ... Oh Yeah!

This is Alabama's idea of recycling!!

WANT... could you just imagine Don's face if I had come home with these??  Well, I didn't ... sad for me!

A little Water Valley at home in Sherborn!

Here's to good pickin'!