Life By Design. Inside and Out. First Edition.

This is a first in a series of creative perspectives about life and the design process from Garden Designer, Heather McLean and myself.  You can read Heather's blog at:

One of my most sincere goals in approaching each design plan is to find something that makes each space personal for my clients.  The space I leave behind is about them, not me, Since I started my Interior Design business, I can read a house, almost from the moment I walk in the door.  It has nothing to do with the furnishings, it's a feeling.  I am no psychic, but have been in enough homes over the years that I can just FEEL.

There are varying degrees, I have worked with big families, small families, single people just starting out and empty nesters downsizing.  Life is chock full of changes and as long as there is a strong love ... the tie that binds ... I have watched families move mountains, literally and emotionally.

My job is to provide the "set" for the real life play that goes on 24/7.  Designers are an integral part of the project for as long as it goes on.  Sometimes it is a quick turn around, some projects I have worked on for years.  But when our job is done, we are no longer a a part of the play.  Just the set designer that leaves the outcome to the real players.  

This might be self indulgent, or weird to some, but I leave a part of me in each project.  My best projects, as I've said before, are the ones where my clients trust me and just let me "go".  Those get the most from me, time, energy and love.  I approach them all, while yes ... I am being paid ... as a gift I am giving.  Lives are busy, kids get sick, parents grow older and need more attention, jobs are demanding, weddings are taking place.  If I can leave a thoughtful space when I am done, where at the end of the day my families come home and feel a sense of peace and love in their home, I have done my job. 

And, in turn, I take them into my heart and home with me at the end of the day.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.