Yellow. Stop Three on the Rainbow.

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Yellow is quite possibly the happiest color.  The color of sunshine.  Evoking a warm and Hugged feeling!  It is the perfect color to create enthusiasm for life is said to awaken confidence and optimism. Well, who couldn't use that from time to time!!

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I have never used Yellow as the main star in any of my designs, however, I use it quite a bit as an accent.  Trim on furniture, in wallpaper ... and one of my most favorite treatments was when I used Benjamin Moore San Paolo Morning on my ceiling.  It gave a subtle sunshine warm glow to our kitchen even when the ground was covered in snow!


And while it hasn't been "my" star ... this kitchen from Monet's Giverny home in France might be the best use of this color EVER!!

Screenshot 2018-08-17 07.46.37.png

I can imagine Monet's mornings here in this sun-washed space preparing to head outside to work his water lillies!

Yellow is always happy, and for me ... a little goes a long way!!