Yellow. Stop Three on the Rainbow.

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Yellow is quite possibly the happiest color.  The color of sunshine.  Evoking a warm and Hugged feeling!  It is the perfect color to create enthusiasm for life is said to awaken confidence and optimism. Well, who couldn't use that from time to time!!

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I have never used Yellow as the main star in any of my designs, however, I use it quite a bit as an accent.  Trim on furniture, in wallpaper ... and one of my most favorite treatments was when I used Benjamin Moore San Paolo Morning on my ceiling.  It gave a subtle sunshine warm glow to our kitchen even when the ground was covered in snow!


And while it hasn't been "my" star ... this kitchen from Monet's Giverny home in France might be the best use of this color EVER!!

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I can imagine Monet's mornings here in this sun-washed space preparing to head outside to work his water lillies!

Yellow is always happy, and for me ... a little goes a long way!!  

I Like Yellow.

This past week I met with an older client of mine.  She is downsizing.  Really downsizing.  Selling her family home of 36 years, her husband has passed away and her children now have their own homes and lives.

She took me on a tour of her family home.  She wanted me to see what her life is all about.  What moves her, what she loves so she can trust that I know how to help her transition to this next home in her life. Then we went to her new townhome.  She was so excited!  We found the landscaper in the driveway.  "Can I have some WinterBerry?"  She asked. " I just love it!"

Jan Showers

We were discussing paint colors.  "Montgomery White" she told me. " it's my favorite color, but it's really yellow.  The paint shop told me they call it white because Yellow is not "in" and nobody wants it."

"But I like yellow, I like the feel of sunshine and happiness." She told me.  "Is it okay if I still have yellow in my home?"

The Greenbrier

Last year when I updated my website and Phil, my web designer,  helped me come up with a tag line, "Appreciate Every day through the Beauty of Your Home."  He says I said that to him.  I wasn't really sure I liked it ... or even understood it.

But now I do.  While we are all looking to the trends, wanting to be current.  Sometimes a soul just wants to be happy when they walk through the doors of "home" and whether the color is the Pantone color of the year ...  Rose Quartz, Tangerine Tango, Emerald ... we just want yellow.

And that is perfectly okay.  I have begun to be less judgmental when I walk into a prospective client's home.  Perhaps they have had this decor since the 80's because they really LOVE it!!

Understanding more and more that my job is to help my clients find what makes THEM happy.  And let them ... Appreciate every day through the beauty of their home ... the home they choose.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.



Happy Fall Monday!  The temps took a dive this weekend, boots and cashmere sweaters have made their way back to my closet ... I am entering this cool zone very skeptically!  Praying for a little less Winter than we had last year!

Back to #madforplaid ... When our family first moved into #ProjectDownsize, now almost 2 years ago! We tackled our little kitchen first.  It's where we spend the majority of our time ... Small enough for Don and I to be comfortable when it's just the two of us and big enough to pile our family of six plus friends in on a special occasion!

The "banquette" was a formal sofa in our previous home and the two dining chairs were from my dining table growing up, loved what a coat of black paint could do for them!

The GP&J Baker Chinoiserie linen brought in another element to help keep the plaid from feeling too "country" for me.

I am so excited to share that this Fall's edition of New England Fine Living featured our #madforplaid kitchen!  

I am working on our laundry room to tie in the colors of the kitchen ... our Cape house is what my Grandmother referred to as a "shotgun" house ... yep you could shoot a shotgun through the front door and it would go straight through the house out the back door!  And that my friends is where my laundry room ... more like a "laundry passthrough" is stationed.  I've been working on this for awhile so putting on the finishing touches now and will keep you updated!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.