KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Four. Wellborn Cabinetry.

Just like so many things in design today, there are definitely trends, and still the beautiful classics, but the rules of right or wrong are gone.  Thank goodness.  There is a style for every personality and I love that!  

So much room for your personality that Wellborn has a "you draw it" program which really allows you to be creative!   Several pieces in the design below were through this program, like the sinkbase and the hood which was designed to "fade in" to the wall and not be the focal point!

Wellborn kitchen and bath cabinets provide such a wonderful array of styles and features. Available in cherry, character cherry, maple, character maple, oak and hickory hardwoods as well as Thermofoil, MDF and Laminate. This variety of cabinet material, combined with a broad palette of finishes and vast array of door styles allows you to choose cabinets that reflect your style and your personality while meeting your unique storage needs.

"Aspire"launched at the 2017 show and will be available this Spring.  Aspire is a full access 'frameless' line.  Transitional style continues to command the market, but contemporary is definitely growing.  The frameless cabinets are distinctive of a modern and contemporary style and appeal to the sleek, minimalist look.

Following along with what I believe is the biggest "trend" takeaway from KBIS 2017 is CLEAN. 

Kitchen designs are incorporating shelving and drawer organizers that can change even the most disorganized into a highly efficient kitchen.  The features of "touch to open" and 'touch to light" on all of their cabinet lines just emphasizes how they have focused on everything to make the cooking and cleaning experience simple.

Color wasn't absent here either.  Yes, I still and always will love a white kitchen, but I cannot deny how much fun and cheerful all the color make a kitchen shine!

Thank you Wellborn for keeping our kitchens working for us the consumer, not the other way around!  I "aspire" to have one of your kitchens some day!!


KBIS 2017

Still in a "pinch me" moment that I am joining such a talented group headed to Orlando!  Thank you Modenus!  And our sponsors ... Lixil Brands (DXV, American Standard, Grohe), Thermador, Wilsonart, Wellborn, Metrie and Mohawk and last but not least KBIS!  I am excited to see what all is new in their world!

Today I am "leaving ... on a jet plane!" (did you start singing??) to my first Kitchen and Bath Show!  I hope you will follow along as I will be posting on IG, FB and more to keep you in tune to all the new, classics that always please, trends and more in the Kitchen and Bath world!  Also follow #KBIS2017 and #DesignHounds to get the scoop from all the BlogTour participants.  Should be a wild and wonderful ride!

Kitchens and Bathrooms remain the top rooms that people want to update in their homes. Updating these two spaces do help for resale, but also are the spaces that see the most use and let's face it ... if we are living in a space, might as well spruce up where we spend most of our time.  There are so many choices and a range (ha ha ... pun intended!) that can fit into any budget.

If you have any questions about an update ... shoot me a note and I'll find the answer for you while at the show!  Let's all learn together!