KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Three. Metrie.

Designers say it all the time. "It's all in the Details".  Well thanks to Metrie, the details are even easier to obtain.  I am especially excited to try out some moldings from Metrie because while I live in an area with beautiful homes from the 1700 and 1800's ... there are a slew of colonials that were thrown in up the 60's and 70's that seriously lack architectural detail.  

Metrie has been in business for 90 years so while I feel there is a "new kid" in town, this new kid comes with great experience!

Their Then and Now Finishing Collections include:

Fashion Forward - Hip, Chic, Contemporary, Confident, Balanced

French Curves - Glamorous, Decorative, Fluid, Ornate, Elegant

Pretty Simple - Charming, Practical, Warm Traditional, Distinctive

True Craft -Genuine, Hand-crafted, Natural, Sensible, Grounded

Very Square - Crisp, Modern, Clear, Linear, Peaceful

Thank you Metrie for helping bring the Details HOME!


ORC. Week 4. Paint.

The Miracle Achiever.  If you can do nothing else, a can of paint can give you the biggest impact of change ever.  

Paint gives you CLEAN FRESH DRAMA CALM all in one bucket. 

If you need to catch up ... Week One.  Week Two.  Week Three

It is becoming apparent that the ORC Mastermind, Linda, Is truly spearheading making the World a more beautiful place!  She has almost 200 Designer/DIY'ers busting it!

So back to paint ... You have been seeing sneak peeks of my wall color ... and my ceiling.  Rocket Change has happened ... and now bringing in the details.


Here's some of the background conversations going on ... between me and my Sherwin Williams Rep Heather.  She rocks by the way!

My home is truly my lab ... and I do things here that have the potential to be fabulous or absolutely horrible.  I go in all "I've got this" ... and then start to back peddle ... but because it is mine, not a clients ... in the end I go for it .  Most of the time I have to say I am pretty damn pleased.  Might not be the choice for everyone ... but for me it works.  I am kind of brave like that!

And this paint color ... DAMN it worked!  Heather helped me determine the sheen I needed.  You might remember my High Gloss Red Room ... well I wanted some gloss in this room but Heather steered me toward this instead because it is a bedroom, and there have evidently been studies made that all gloss can cause migraines ... well, I don't need that in the Bedroom!  So here is what she suggested ... and she was spot ON!

Walls -Cashmere Pearl/Trim - All Surface Enamel Gloss/Ceiling - Cashmere Low Lustre

Oh ... and this will be making an appearance!


MMMM. Hmm.  I know ... Fabulous, Right???

Two More Weeks till the FINAL REVEAL ... If my headboard gets here it will be a miracle.  I am counting on it!  Please, Please, Please.

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Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.