Family Room Details.

One of the reasons I love decorating, for myself and others, is to make the special things in your life shine.  My Mother always taught me that it is all MATERIAL.  None of it really matters in the great scheme of things ... if it disappears tomorrow, that is okay ... but while I have these THINGS in my life, I will enjoy and take comfort in the memories that they bring me or my clients.

My Family Room is Literal Photo Album of My Life.

1.  Jim Thompson's TigerTiger for my pillows.  I cannot resist a Tiger. War Eagle!

2. Daniel Maltzman's Red Bull is energy on a canvas.  I am a sucker for Art.  Big Art. And Red.

3.  This copper tray table was picked up from a gentleman in Kentucky when my Dad traveled.  And hauled back to my home in the late 60's in the trunk of his Pontiac.  My Mother, Daddy and myself ate dinner around this table every Sunday night watching "The Wonderful World of Disney,"

4.  My Grandmother's Bank from her childhood, her name engraved and marked 1904. 

5.  Brass Deer, a flea market find.  The little chest was a gift from an Aunt when I was 8.

6.  One of my favorite ways to decorate.  High/Low.  Target Stools with Schumacher Fabric.

7.  Layering Rugs.  I am very tactile and layering makes me happy!

8.  Vintage Junk Boats painted on Silk.  Found at an Estate Sale. Still in the original frames.

9.  A collection of a few of Don's wine decanters along with a Simon Pierce Christmas Tree that my Mother-in-Law gave me, one of Don's and my first Christmas' together.  It is too beautiful to only bring out during the Holidays.

10. This Demilune chest is one of the first pieces of furniture Don and I bought together.

11.  I believe in Angels.  They are everywhere in my life.

12.  Fresh Flowers. $9.99 of happiness found at the grocery store on a weekly basis!

13.  A print from my Mother's stash.  She believed that every room should have something "oriental".

14.  Jane Feigenson Art ... Don and I love her and her work!

15.  My latest addition to the Photo Album ... 2 little Polish Auditorium Chairs found on Craigslist.

16.  Hunted down a Secretary for about a year.  This one spoke to me, found it in Atlanta in a warehouse! Yes, I am tempted to paint it every now and then.  But just cannot do it.  Lined the back with Grasscloth that is about it!

17.  Blue and White ... a sweet gift from my friend Jennifer at The Pink Pagoda.

18.  Pastel drawing of a Parisian street scene.  Found while antiquing in Wells, Maine.

19.  4 Volumes of the "History of the South" from the 1800's ... from Brimfield.

20.  Just love green moss balls.  Okay?

21.  Tall wooden candelabras from Arhaus.  Love their scale.

22.  Birdhouse from Brimfield.  I have had that for about 10 years and it never really seemed to "fit in" anywhere.  It has finally found a home in the fireplace.  No birds will ever live there!

I hope I didn't bore you with the details ... but instead inspired you to keep the things you love whether you think they are "in" or not.  

Keeping a space personal to you makes a Home.  So take a minute to look through your own living "photo album" and make certain it tells YOUR story!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.