Traditions. Connection.

Traditions.  Old and New.  They bring people together. 

When Don and I married 10 years ago we worked hard to keep the traditions that our children had grown to love.  And we created new ones for them.

An old one, from Don's family.  The annual making of the Glög.  Made every year before Thanksgiving.  Only the men take part.  And this tradition has been in Don's family for six generations.  His family is Swedish and this drink is made lovingly each year to share with family and friends.  A drink to toast to good health, family, friendships and love.

When the men in the family reach 18 years old, they partake in the making.  This was Christopher's first year.  Chopping almonds, raisins, adding all the spices to make what I call "Christmas in a glass". And the batch from the year before goes into the mixture.  Keeping the love in tact.


Three generations here ... and the women just get to enjoy the drink!

Cheers to you this Holiday.  Whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I hope you enjoy the season and feel the love of tradition and family ... whatever your faith.

Cheers! This next week is going to be crazy my friends ... don't forget the reason we are celebrating.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.