FarmHouse Project. Done.


Just over a year ago I was asked to help with a family's home renovation.  It is now done and I will once again go through withdrawals from no longer being a part of my clients' lives.  They are all so special and makes my life so interesting, always working with different people, new projects, different design ideas ... 

Here is the result of creating a calm and peaceful home for a family that is everything but ... A family with 4 children that keep them hopping!

They wanted a large family friendly kitchen and a "coffee lounge".

Accessories and "fluff" was kept to a minimum to allow for life ... 

Another little sitting area off their dining room allows for more lounging and conversation ...


And yes, there is a BAR ... around the corner ... they love to entertain and we made certain that there is plenty of space for everyone!


I have posted these photos before ... but since they are a big part of the project ... here are the kids' rooms and bathrooms ...


All photos by Emily O'Brien

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.