KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Six. Wilsonart.

Last but not least Wilsonart wraps up my official KBIS BlogTour Recap.  Wilsonart's #MaterialMixology really is a mix in new and innovative surfaces that will rock your opinion of "laminate".  

Wilsonart is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Laminate, Quartz and other engineered surfaces.  Being able to really touch and see the possibilities of these engineered surfaces gave me a whole new view on the products.

Laminate is not a "one look" kind of player.  With the trend of kitchens and baths leaning more sleek and contemporary, I love the finish options and Wilsonart nailed it with this bathroom.  

And for the traditionalist, classic look, who wouldn't want to do laundry here? This is the Artfully Repurposed Wood collection and it looks dynamite.  My photo from the show does not do it justice!

WilsonArt's commitment to CLEAN and sustainability, they have a Antimicrobial Protection built into the laminate to protect the surfaces against damaging microbes.  They protect the surface from the growth of mold and mildew that cause orders when used for countertops and work surfaces.  And Sustainability and environmental responsibility has been a part of WilsonArt's culture and success for over fifty years.

The arrival of more and more beautiful Quartz options is starting to infiltrate the Granite only diehards.  I will tell you ... I love them both and end up working with my client to choose the look and feel they want to achieve.  As a rule .... a VERY LOOSE RULE ... my more traditional clients choose granite, my more modern-contemporary clients choose quartz.  However I am starting to use Quartz in bathrooms more and more, no matter the client!  A quick Granite v. Quartz article from HGTV here. One major upside to Quartz, it is non-porous, meaning less bacteria left behind when you are cleaning.

Don't turn your nose up next time someone mentions "solid surface" for your kitchen and bath countertops!  Wilsonart has given me a new attitude!  It is definitely all about #materialmixology!