Week Two. ORC Spring 2017.

Thank you for coming back!  Yes, this is Week Two of the #oneroomchallenge #orclinkup and I am in the midst of transforming our dining room.  From blah to extraordinary with everything I already have.  Except the Wallpaper. EEEK!  Oh Yes, in just six weeks!  Thanks to Linda of Calling It Home, there are room transformations taking place across the globe right now!

Let's break the Board Down:

My Jump Off ... or Jump Up and Down! starting point is this FABULOUS wallpaper by RootCellarDesigns.  

This has been the biggest restraint ever.  To virtually transform our home into our vibe with nothing but paint.  I will continue to update you on the entire project.  But the Dining Room took a front seat so that I could have the place looking a little more spiffy for Easter!  And a girl just needs some wallpaper sometimes.  Just a Wall.  It just takes a Wall. Okay, not THAT wall!!!

I realize this weekend is Easter and I am far from ready, but I will show my family the mood boards.  And while we are eating my Mother In Law's addictive deviled eggs they will be able to truly see my vision!!


Farm Table - buy something you love.  This table has been in our dining room, our kitchen, the potting shed ... and back to the Dining Room!

Mirrored console.  Back when I wanted a little more Glam in my life.  This sparkler continues to make me happy.  But it needs new hardware.  One of the pulls broke, so I will be replacing those.

The "Winners" ... the Aidan Gray Chairs and chandelier!  I had my luckiest "win" moment two years ago and won these at HighPoint Market!

Heron Art.  I love this piece!  A fun find at an Estate Sale.  

Garden Urn and Greenery.  NOT decided on wholly.  But I like the pop of green and iron in the space.  And I have no current yard to place them in ... so bringing the feel inside is terrifically appealing.

Zebra Print Cowhide:  I like it and own it.  Should it stay or should it go now? Stay tuned!

Yes, Black Sails  is  still on my mind as I try to make #KMIProjectRental feel like home.  Bringing in the rustic elements and shiny moments of our past to create something fun and fresh for our new adventure.

Be sure to hop over to Calling it Home to check out the 20 sponsored bloggers and here for us crazies that Link Up.  It will be life changing!


OneRoomChallenge ... it's baaaaack!

Well, never say never, right?  The One Room Challenge has been around now for quite a while and I am proud to say that I was one of the first Challengers with Linda.

You can see my previous challenges here.

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Linda challenges 20 Design Bloggers to complete one room in six weeks.  Sounds easy ... right?  Well, with an abundance of wine and camaraderie, you can generally get it done!  In my case, this enables the cobblers children (or husband) to have shoes!!  You know what I mean??

I am nervously/happily participating the in the Link Up on Thursdays to share our Master Bedroom Evolution with you.  Check out the link ... you will find more energy and inspiration than you can imagine!

Here's MY Plan ... as I presented it to Don (my husband!).  Those of you who know me, know I am a lover of color.  While this room will be no exception, I am going for a moodier dose. And, of course, it includes Orange.

1.  These artichoke prints I bought last year at HighPoint Market.  The artists at Natural Curiosities were knocking these out during the show and I knew then I wanted them for my MBR.  They have been in a drawer for a year.

2.  Upholstered Headboard.

3.  Drama on the Walls.  Sherwin-Williams Black Fox. 

4.  Thibaut's Wild Floral in Orange for my windows. 

5.  Lotus Pendants ... love the real deal, but these are a better fit for my budget.

6.  Sherwin-Williams Independent Gold.  For the Ceiling.

7.  Thibaut's Pele Ikat in Green Apple.  I love orange and green. 

8.  Every space needs a punch of fun and these Tassels will add a little whimsy.

9.  Thibaut's Virtuoso in Charcoal for my Headboard.

When Don and I moved (over a year ago now) to our #ProjectDownSize, we ditched basically everything from our previous Master Bedroom.  For the past year we have had no window treatments, only a bed frame, two armoires that I bought from the ParkerKennedy boys ... without being painted, and odds and end furniture.  We did buy a rug. I'll talk a little about my obsession with cut and bound rugs during the challenge.  

Here's where it stands now.  

Off-center window which is really frustrating ... but that is the bathroom door on the right, so we have to be able to get to it without feeling like we are going through "fat man's squeeze"!  Does anyone else remember going on field trips in caves??

The ParkerKennedy Armoires which I love because we have no wall space and these two tall pieces are a good "his and her" option with height.  I found the settee at Brimfield and had it covered in this white fabric for my daughter's room.  It has found a new home in our room.  To Cover Or Not to Cover?  That is the Question.

The old oversized zebra chair is outta here!  I do love our cut and bound rug, our bedroom being the only place in the house I would dare put a cream rug.  We love our dogs, but they are NOT allowed here.  Truly not only the rug, but I am allergic to dogs.  Can you believe that?  This is my one No Dog Hair Zone so I can breathe at night!

The original blue walls haven't changed since we moved in.  The ridiculously high picture due to the poorly placed closet switch.  How about the door hardware, pretty ... huh??  And the doors that simply do NOT hang straight.

There you have it my friends ... The Sad Before ... Thank goodness Linda is in my life to keep me focused on my own home!


Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.