Week Four. ORC Spring 2017.

Everyone should know the drill here by now ... but just in case you need me to tell you again, Welcome to the One Room Challenge Link Up put on 2 times a year by Linda of Calling It Home. There is an official ORC on Wednesdays where 20 designers and bloggers will dazzle you with their transformations of a room in 6 weeks.  You can check their progress here.  And then she opens it up to the world to compete on Thursdays.  Compete.  With ourselves.  After all, isn't it ourselves that get in our way anyway?

Week Four!! and next week is Photo Time to prepare for the big Reveal.  And I told you I have been at the Furniture Market in High Point North Carolina for the past week.  I am exhausted and it has nothing to do with trying to get this room together!!  5 days of pounding the pavement in High Point looking for new inspiration, sources, and trends to bring home to YOU!  You are welcome!  Oh and did I mention it RAINED the entire time.  ergh.

While I was at market I stumbled upon my "jack rackham" swag ... just what I needed to complete my #KMIProjectRental Dining Room.  If you are confused about why Jack is here, you can read about my inspiration during Week One here.  He does add a little personality don't you think?

This Lucas and McKearn Flambeau light made in New Orleans had me at hello!  They are being shipped ... fingers crossed.  EEK!!

In the meantime, my lion head cabinet hardware came in ... a little lackluster.  So I am going to be zhushing them this weekend.  

I will also be painting my chairs.  Nope, haven't started that.  Good thing the weather is supposed to be a little nicer this weekend. 

Make sure to follow along with all the Link Up participants ... You can find us all here!


Week One. ORC Spring 2017.

I believe in the story.  When I am working with clients I always encourage them to identify how they see themselves living in a space.  Their Story.  That is an extremely important step in helping me create something that will truly resonate with them and be a space that they love forever.

Those that follow along my blog, know that we are in a Rental.  Okay ... so we are in transition, but I am in my dream state right now.  A Circa 1619 and Circa 1750 house all in one.  It has several lives.  You can read more about that here. 

So let me introduce you to my Story ... Don (my husband) and I are big fans of Black Sails on Netflix.  I have always loved a good Skull and Crossbone and I kind of have a thing for Pirates. And, um, once you get over looking at him, you notice the background.  What I have loved about this show is the play between rough and grungy, with a wonderful patina as a backdrop. Whether that patina truly grew from something fine or not, you can see, feel and sense the layering of collections that have been acquired.  Inheritance or plunder ...  the history is there and I love it. 

Here's another shot for you wallpaper fanatics! Clearly even Pirates like a good stage! And if you recognize Jack, he likes a good trim as well!

For the past month, I have been on a "paint campaign" in our rental to make it feel like home.  I have one room in this house that I wanted a little more from, Our Dining Room.  It is pretty up close and personal in this house, not a side room that no one sees and I need a space to create. So this is it.  And thank you Linda for giving me the push I need to make it happen.  We really have no idea how long we'll be here, but at this point we know we will be here for two years.  Yes, that will fly by, but I want to love every minute here ... so here goes!

The beginning ... 

Yes, my friends this is the Spring Round of the  One Room Challenge and One Room Challenge Link Up ... where anyone can jump in the fun!  Follow along as I (and hundreds more) work to transform a room in 6 weeks.  It is a feat worth watching!  And quite an inspiring push if you are wavering on a project!

Here's what it looked like when the movers left.  And here's what needs to be done:


*New Chandelier

*Get farm table in (existing)

*Chairs need some help


*Wallpaper ... EEEKK!  My favorite part!  Only one wall!

All of this will be done with things we have collected over the years, the only "new" piece of the puzzle is a beautiful wallpaper.  I will share that with you next week!!

Hope you are having fun surfing through all the amazing designs going on over the next 5 weeks!