Week 5. Spring 2017 ORC.

Welcome, Welcome!  To Week 5 of the One Room Challenge Link Up Party!  I cannot ever state this fact enough.  If it weren't for these challenges no room in our home would be finished.  It is a sad state, but I start ... and then move on to other things, or life, or clients, or just keep changing my mind.  Thankfully Linda, of Calling It Home, keeps me and I surmise, many others like me in check.  She began this challenge a number of years ago and has motivated many of us!

The "big" challenge is on Wednesdays, where 20 designers and bloggers transform a room in 6 weeks.  You can see them here.  These are major deals.  I am just transforming a dining room in a rental ... and trying my best to use only things I own.  This is where the world can join in.  On Thursdays for the ORC Link Up.  Literally, anyone can join!  My children and husband ask me ... "what do you win??" ... What I win is that we all have a room that is complete.  Thank you very much!! 

So here's progress for Week 5 in the #KMIProjectRental Dining Room.

Chairs before:

Chairs Painted.  Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams.  I am totally in love with this color right now.

Last week, many of you know I was at High Point Market seeing all the new trends, being inspired and mostly educating myself to bring the best back to my clients.  While I was there I noticed a strong sense of "dark neutrals".  Not just your average white or soft linen neutrals. But a darker moodier neutral.  

These photos might give you an idea ... 

Color is there, but it is darker, moodier and tending toward the dark blues and grays.

I share this with you because this is where my dining room is going.  I am a huge fan of color.  But that doesn't necessarily mean bright primary colors. 

And here you see my new lion cabinet hardware.  I am really not a big diy'er ... but a little gold mixed with stone colored spraypaint gave these the patina I was looking for!


And yes, you can spy my zebra rug and the painted chairs all lined up for dinner!

Oh ... and the jewelry ... remember the lamps I purchased while at High Point?  Here's a little sneak peek!!

Pretty dramatic for a neutral space ... wouldn't you agree?

Now ... go check out all of the creatives out there transforming the world!

If you have the desire to catch up ... scroll down and you can see Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Next week ... pencils down! Yikes!!


Week Three. ORC Spring 2017.

Welcome back to the One Room Challenge Link Up, Week 3.  Yes, the half way point, that really is more than half way because Week 6 means you get to see final photos.  It is kind of a head fake to call it six weeks!!  Right Linda ??  Thankfully, Linda realizes that we all need a good push to get things going.  She created this 6 weeks of craziness just for us.  She is crazy loyal like that!

For those that have no idea what the ORC is ... it is a challenge to complete one room in 6 weeks.  And it's like going to the gym.  If you are on your own you can kind of fake it.  But if you link up with this crowd you have no choice but to finish! I do love the ORC for many reasons, but the main one is that I am so busy working on other people's homes that mine seems to get pushed aside.  The ORC kicks me into gear and I cannot use excuses like ... "Well, I haven't found the perfect piece yet" or "I am going to work on it next week" ... because that NEVER happens!!

So back to Week Three ... here's progress!

Please take a moment to fully enjoy my new corner!!  Root Cellar Designs Wallpaper and Sherwin Williams "Natural Choice" for the walls ... Naturally!

I am happy to report that things are moving forward and it is a good thing, because I leave for HighPoint Market tomorrow and won't be returning until next Tuesday.  6 days of a big fat nothing going on here and that has me a little antsy!  If you need to catch up here is my inspiration Week One and my Plan at Week Two.

And yes, do you remember this window of mine from Old House Parts in Kennebunk Maine?  You can re-acquaint yourself here!

The window is the perfect accent for the wallpaper and another added layer with the gold and grey heron print.  I am more than thrilled that this room has plantation shutters.  Drapes would be dynamite, but I don't want to invest that kind of money in a rental.  The beauty of window treatments is that it warms a space up.  Since I won't have window treatments, the layering on this focal wall is even more important to warm up the space and give it some depth.

And then these chairs.  We have had them in the natural state for far too long.  They are about to get a good dose of Sherwin Williams "Iron Ore" to pull out the backdrop of the wallpaper and be a nice pop of color off the farm table.

And then the knobs on my mirrored console, one broke. 

So I ordered these, from Wayfair.  

Please follow along all the fun and excitement going on in the ORC LinkUp and the Official One Room Challenge.  The talent is amazing and fun and creative and inspiring!  All rolled into one!

I am headed to High Point tomorrow and will probably see a thousand things I think will be perfect in my Dining Room.  But I will have to be pinching myself as a reminder that this is indeed a Challenge.  With #KMIProjectRental this is not about a life commitment!!