Priority 1. #KMIProject Rental.

Yes, our Master Bedroom is truly Priority 1.  Generally people like to take care of public spaces first, and leave their Master Bedroom until later.  I have always believed that the Master needs to be a priority.  If not #1 ... a very close 2nd! This is the place you come to rest at night, to feel relaxed and renewed to begin your next day.  It is very hard to do this in a place that feels unsettled.

You might remember my plan for the One Room Challenge a few years ago.  I was thrilled with the outcome.  The room suited my need for collected, vibrant and intuitive.  I have all of these options still available with exception of my lotus blossom pendants and window treatments.

Lucky new owner of #KMIProjectPeckhamHill got to keep those.  But I do still have my bedskirt, headboard, accent pillow and a few extra yards of the Thibaut fabric to be able to create something for my two windows.

The result of my One Room Challenge ... 


Here is my baseline my friends ... Some odds and ends ... like this odd door, and how about that forest green carpet?  My gorgeous Matouk Duvet has been shipped off to the cleaners to start again fresh and new! 

A little settling in the house needs some new caulking and I'd love to get ride of the light fixture in the closet

And you know ... in case I feel like doing a load of laundry in my sleep ... all I need is to hook it up!!

This Circa 1719 - 1750 house needs alot of love and unfortunately no one really knows the fate of this house's future.  But I am going to create a space of calm and serenity in our bedroom for the short term ... or however long I might be able to live this dream!

And by the way ... while this room is #1 priority ... things are happening little by little in the rest of the place!!  Keepin' it real!


Linens and Things. ORC Details.

Well, this weekend was simply GLORIOUS!  The ORC was done, we had a Master Bedroom Completed and I got to spend Mother's Day with all my babies (no matter how old they get, still my babies!).

Monday came around and I hit the ground running ... time to get back to full focus on my clients before they think I forgot them!

I need to discuss linens again.  Linens have always been kind of an afterthought for me.  Yes, I always tried to get the higher thread count and make certain they were pretty ... but basically it was a bargain hunt.  Done.

Then, for this past ORC, Don and I agreed we'd upgrade our linens.  Give it a whirl if you will and see how long we can keep them nice.  

I told you about my friend Jennifer and her store Tusk Monogram in this post.  She and I sat down and looked at everything she had from Matouk linens.  

I used the Scallop edge on my duvet cover and the straight banding on pillow cases.  TWO pillow cases, I thought I'd just try them (we sleep with 6 pillows!).  Can I tell you that we fight over those two now.  Seriously, the fabric is luscious and has such a nice feel ... okay your HEAD can feel the difference!  I'll be asking for a few more for my Birthday later this year!

So you know,  Matouk didn't sponsor me, I bought these ... so this is an extremely honest review.  They weren't cheap, and my thrill is over the top ...  Matouk, you delivered! 

And now to the bedskirt ... I have made every single bedskirt I have ever had.  My whole life.  I made my kids their bedskirts, I made clients bedskirts, I made my parents' bedskirts.  This time, I did NOT make my own bedskirt.

I'm afraid the photo looks a little wonky because I was holding the mattress on top of my head, while I was taking this photo for you!  But the banding (which I NEVER did) makes such a difference in the way the bedskirt lays.  And, it is lined.  LINED I tell you.  Perfection.

So while I did do a few little DIY's in this challenge, I did leave a lot to my pro's.  The ones I use for my clients, the ones I trust and who I know can do it better than me.  And now ... I am resting peacefully in my new room.  Thank You!

Carol - my workroom (when I delivered the banding, she gave me a sideways look!)

Paul - My Contractor (who wanted to kill me while installing my doorknobs!)

Dave - My Electrician (I haven't even shared all he did ... stay tuned for the details)

More details to come.  But for now, I'll be ... 

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.