Priority 1. #KMIProject Rental.

Yes, our Master Bedroom is truly Priority 1.  Generally people like to take care of public spaces first, and leave their Master Bedroom until later.  I have always believed that the Master needs to be a priority.  If not #1 ... a very close 2nd! This is the place you come to rest at night, to feel relaxed and renewed to begin your next day.  It is very hard to do this in a place that feels unsettled.

You might remember my plan for the One Room Challenge a few years ago.  I was thrilled with the outcome.  The room suited my need for collected, vibrant and intuitive.  I have all of these options still available with exception of my lotus blossom pendants and window treatments.

Lucky new owner of #KMIProjectPeckhamHill got to keep those.  But I do still have my bedskirt, headboard, accent pillow and a few extra yards of the Thibaut fabric to be able to create something for my two windows.

The result of my One Room Challenge ... 


Here is my baseline my friends ... Some odds and ends ... like this odd door, and how about that forest green carpet?  My gorgeous Matouk Duvet has been shipped off to the cleaners to start again fresh and new! 

A little settling in the house needs some new caulking and I'd love to get ride of the light fixture in the closet

And you know ... in case I feel like doing a load of laundry in my sleep ... all I need is to hook it up!!

This Circa 1719 - 1750 house needs alot of love and unfortunately no one really knows the fate of this house's future.  But I am going to create a space of calm and serenity in our bedroom for the short term ... or however long I might be able to live this dream!

And by the way ... while this room is #1 priority ... things are happening little by little in the rest of the place!!  Keepin' it real!


Fall Prep.

This week is kind of fun ... temperatures are settling, nights are cool ... but NOT cold.  I am beginning to take an interest again in what is happening inside my house.  Summer tends to keep us outside which I love ... but now my mind comes back in.

Since I have joined up with Project Design for this Friday's post about How to make a Beautiful Bedroom I thought I'd share a few of my favorite things to do to prep ... and how I truly start to wind down and savor every bite of Fall.  

Like Lavender Laundry detergent for my sheets.  Nothing is as cozy as fresh smelling and perfectly ironed sheets.  Only I don't iron my sheets.  I so wish I did.  Just another reason to buy Matouk.  They wash more beautifully than any sheets I have ever owned!

I also love a good candle ... and this one from Parachute I just might have to try.  Because I do love the smell of a fire ... but I am over hauling wood.  I think this would be the perfect solution!

My guiltiest pleasure ... Candy Corn.  Cuddled down with a scrumptious cashmere throw, some hot tea and Candy Corn.  Couldn't get better.  Well, unless Don would make me a Manhattan to substitute for the tea! 

What do you do to prep for Fall?  And do you have a guilty pleasure?  Or maybe you have a few ... do tell!

OH!  And if you want a little guidance on lighting in the bedroom ... pop over to my friend Kathleen's blog post and get her tips!  You'll be glad you did.  

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Rainy Day UpLift.


It might be raining outside, but inside my studio this Vervain Fabric is providing a breath of calm color, fresh air and taking center stage in a Master Bedroom Project.

Hope it's a good one my friends!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.