Luzon in the Bath.

Happy Monday my friends!  I want to thank you for all the positive comments about the Turtle Bath I did for my clients ... I try my best to keep things real and in tune to how/who/why certain rooms are being used.

I think it might have been shocking for me to divulge using WalMart towels!  I did receive many emails of folks who were appreciative that I shared sources.  The bottom line, good design and thoughtful procuring can be done from anywhere.  Do be conscious of the big decisions and those that will end up costing you money in the long run if you don't invest well.  Don't just look for cheap.  Save up if you need to.  It will be worth the wait!  

But for the details that make it user friendly?  I shop EVERYWHERE!  No snob factor allowed!

Bath Number Two from the same home that we just completed ...

This bath is for two teenage girls ... it will get used, become messy, and needs to be a workhorse to handle hairdryers, lots of soaps and creams and make-up!!

Truth Share:  Originally the entire area was wallpapered. It was too much for the homeowner so we scaled back and only put on the wall behind the mirror.  We chose the spa like green to paint the walls so that it still has sparkle but not quite so much punch!

We wanted the bath fun, but not necessarily "shiny glam" we chose a soft gray paint for the custom vanity and gave it a wax finish which makes it feel just slightly rustic.


Wallpaper - Luzon by Thibaut 

Faucets - WaterSpot

Vanity - Custom


Mirrors - Ikea

Lighting - Pottery Barn Sale

Sinks - Amazon

Towels - Home Goods

Jar for Nail Polishes - Thrift Shop

Elephant Hooks for jewelry - Anthropologie

Enjoy your week ... off to install these girls' bedroom tomorrow ... lots to share!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.