HighPointMarket 2015 Hot Trend.

YELLOW!  I have never been a yellow lover.  It just lacked a punch to me.  Well ... never say never my darlings ... because I have a new love!

This is Leslie Moore's "artist retreat" at the Junior League of HighPoint Show House.  It was stunning (by the way the whole show house was knock dead gorgeous and I will share more later!) Leslie created such a visual treat with a mixture of art all brought together with the yellow grasscloth walls.

Then, this room from EJ Victor.  I couldn't leave the room ... it was sunshine wrapped without feeling to "sweet" ... know what I mean??  These walls were painted, but they had a line texture in them that warmed them up.  It may have just been the way the walls were plastered ... whatever it was, it was perfect!

I received this on my IG feed this morning ... and while I have a new love of Yellow, I won't be wearing it.

As much as I love a good DVF look, even Diane can't make my skin look good in yellow!

Perhaps it's the long winter that has me so yearning for sunshine, I will be bringing a little more yellow into my ... and hopefully a few clients ... life!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.