American FarmHouses.

No new news here ... FarmHouses are my favorite.  I have yet to live in one.

 It will happen one day.  In the Meantime, a Girl can dream ... right?

1.  Beautiful Vintage Art from  Invaluable.  You know my feeling on Art. Important.  

Let me be more clear ... the Make it or Break it ...  IMPORTANT!!

2. Formal Sconces. A touch of gold.

3. Ralph Lauren - Couldn't be more Classic.

4. Grown Up Pink.  Toying with Tall Wainscoting and just a touch of this beautiful color.

5.  Cole & Sons - A little Drama for the Back of the Glass Fronted Bookcases

Do you dream like I do? I have a house that I continue to go back to in my dreams ... I've never been there before and there are these "back rooms" that are empty waiting for me to design them.  But I never can get there.  I have had this dream for years.  This is probably some deep seeded issue ... but I am convinced that house will come in to my reality one day.  I am just not ready for it yet

I have been working on a farmhouse here and we want the dining room to be a little more formal but still American Classic.  What better than Horses.  I found this original piece from Invaluable.  The piece above is way out of my price range.  But back to the dream!  Invaluable has many unique pieces and many that are definitely within all of our budgets.  When you are looking for something different, take a look at their website.  You won't be sorry ... and I love the way the pieces are catalogued.

Happy Hump Day my friends ... one week and counting.  Just saying!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.


Marsala. I've been there.

Lots of chatter out in the design world about the Pantone Color of 2015.  Marsala.

Is it Burgundy? Brown? Red? 

Well ... I would like to state that I was either really late to the Burgundy bus or really early on the Marsala bus.

Okay ... this is REAL TIME blogging ... I just looked up the past colors and it seems 2007 was Chili Pepper.  Marsala is just a tad more brown.  And my Lee Jofa fabric was somewhere in between.

So I was right on target.  This room is Circa 2007.  And 2015 is too early for me to bring it back.  

Good news is I left the window treatments in our old house and now the new owners are on trend.  How lucky are they??

I am still in the brighter color mode.  Hence all the furniture you see above is now basking in a Rembrandt Red Glow.

"Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth."

Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute®

So while I can appreciate the sentiment ... I think I agree with the English Room. I am feeling the Blues ... 

Yep ... these are the britches I stalked a woman in the Las Vegas Airport for.  I have no shame.  When you want something a weird trigger sets in and you go.  (okay, I just asked her where she got them.  I didn't take hers!) No denying!

How do you feel about Marsala?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.