Life By Design. Inside and Out.

I am very excited to introduce you to my friend Heather McLean.  Heather has her own landscape design firm, Goodness Grows in Austin, and we plan to share some of our design ideas with you in a new blog segment called "Life by Design, Inside and Out".  You can subscribe to Heather's blog at You will love the inspiration.

Your first home.  Exciting.  And Daunting in a way.  Where do you start?  So excited to have a place that is your own.  Perhaps you are influenced by the way your parents lived.  Or perhaps you have chose to live exactly opposite of the way they lived!  The choices are endless.  A place to call your own.  

How we end up in certain places in our lives is till a mystery to me.  I cannot even begin to understand the grand plan.  Yet when I look back I know that I have been placed everywhere for a purpose.  At times unclear, but looking back making perfect sense.  

25 years ago I met Heather.  She, her husband and daughter Whitney were my first neighbors.  I was (and still am!) in awe of her.  Heather has a passion for gardening and with this passion she exudes peace.  She makes my heart sing.  I hope you can understand this.  She has a way about her.  She was and is the most spiritual person I have ever met.  Not in your face ... just an amazing belief and desire to share God's grace in her every movement.  

We were two young mothers starting out in our first home and at the same time, unbeknownst to us, our passions in life began to become a reality.  Heather grounded me.  When I was feeling overwhelmed taking care of two young babies and working full time, she would invite me over to sit in her back garden.  Or her kitchen table full of the literal fruits of her labor.  There was a magical peace that surrounded me.  She made everything seem easy ... and Beautiful.

Heather's path began to unfold as she became a Master Gardener.  And all the while, digging and planting and creating the most wonderful garden in her backyard, she brought a garden into mine. 

Our lives moved forward and took us in different directions.  Heather to Austin, Texas.  Mine to Sherborn, Massachusetts.  Yet even through the moving and life's funny re-directions, we continued to talk, share dreams, laugh and encourage one another to create.  Just Create.  That is what makes us unique and whole.

Heather not only creates landscapes for her clients, she truly grows Goodness.  Heather and I have been blessed to be able to follow our dreams and make them our business ... our life.

We believe that everyone wants to look Inside their home, our Out to find beauty.  We are looking forward to sharing our ideas and collaborative projects to help you make your world just a little more beautiful, Inside and Out.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time. Inside and Out.