Tactile. Visualisation.

I have visions in my head.  Not drug induced.  Lucid, vivid images.  And sometimes it is hard to express them to my clients.  Luckily I have some that trust me and just let me go ... completely uncertain of where I am about to take them.

And some, need to understand my vision a little more clearly.  Here is where I introduce you to Jane.  She makes my visions come to life so that my clients can understand!


Jane did this for me for the clients that are completely uncertain of a bed in front of windows.  I knew it would be beautiful. I trust me like that.  But they wanted to see it for themselves.

Here is what I gave Jane:

I am in complete awe of her talents and her ability to bring my true vision to life.  Thank you Jane!

Presenting this beautiful visual this week ... wish me luck!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.