Style My Faucet!

Back in January (where did the time go?) I was invited to KBIS 2017 in Orlando by Modenus and I have to say, I had no idea what inspiration would come from this show.  I am still referring to and using products that Modenus introduced me to and I daresay, my clients have been the biggest recipients of all this goodness!  And now I can officially call myself a #designhound.  Yep.  I like that!

I was asked to try out a faucet and give it a review for you.  For over 140 years American Standard has merged beauty, performance and eco-friendly design to improve the lives of people and the well being of our planet.  And I am thrilled to be able to bring their philosophy and beautiful products to my clients.

There is no better way to update a bathroom, than a new faucet!  I chose the American Standard Townsend Widespread Faucet and it was exactly what we needed to add the final fresh touch to this Powder Room Re-do!

Screenshot 2017-10-08 15.46.46.png

You know that one of my favorite things is to combine old and new ... giving an old piece of furniture new life in this bathroom as a vanity.  We added the carrara marble to the top with a little detail on the backsplash to match the curves of the vintage chest.


Thibaut Wallpaper gave a playful but very neutral backdrop.  Adding chrome and black in the light fixtures which work perfectly with our chrome Townsend Widespread Faucet.  I love to learn how products are imagined before they are produced.  The Townsend was inspired by the Manhattan Bridge.  I can see it ... can you?


The clean lines of the Townsend work beautifully in a transitional space and the water flow is perfect, keeping it strong enough to scrub those dirty hands yet saves water!


All images (besides the one from American Standard's website) are by Emily O'Brien.

This post is sponsored by American Standard Brand who has provided me with the Townsend Faucet.  All reviews and opinions are my own and my client’s.


KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Three. Metrie.

Designers say it all the time. "It's all in the Details".  Well thanks to Metrie, the details are even easier to obtain.  I am especially excited to try out some moldings from Metrie because while I live in an area with beautiful homes from the 1700 and 1800's ... there are a slew of colonials that were thrown in up the 60's and 70's that seriously lack architectural detail.  

Metrie has been in business for 90 years so while I feel there is a "new kid" in town, this new kid comes with great experience!

Their Then and Now Finishing Collections include:

Fashion Forward - Hip, Chic, Contemporary, Confident, Balanced

French Curves - Glamorous, Decorative, Fluid, Ornate, Elegant

Pretty Simple - Charming, Practical, Warm Traditional, Distinctive

True Craft -Genuine, Hand-crafted, Natural, Sensible, Grounded

Very Square - Crisp, Modern, Clear, Linear, Peaceful

Thank you Metrie for helping bring the Details HOME!


KBIS BlogTour 2017. Part Two. Mohawk Carpet.

Now that I am back from my FIRST KBIS BlogTour I am reeling with the number of photos, inspiration and friendships that took place.  First, I was thrilled to be invited with a group of designers and decorators from around the country ... and a few from Canada!!

I want to personally thank Veronika of Modenus and #DesignHounds for including me in the group and the wonderful Sponsors.  And ... Max the Rhino.  While you and I are searching for a serious carpet line, Max is making certain we can keep it clean!  I mentioned in my KBIS Recap Part One that an all encompassing trend at the show was keeping CLEAN. This is real and quite frankly I am thrilled because housekeeping has never been my strong suit!

2017-01-11 11.06.51.jpg

Those of a "certain" age will know that this Rhino reminds me of the t-shirts from the Banana Republic of years gone by ... Circa 1988 ... remember this?  Well, fast forward to 2017 Banana Republic has changed and so has the texture and durability of carpet!

Well, first things first.  When you ask a girl to "shimmy" out of her tights and boots (in private ... please!) so you can walk barefoot on their "SmartStrand Silk Carpet" ... why yes, I think I will!

You will love how this feels and how it cleans up! Thank you Mohawk for keeping us clean and comfortable at the same time!