Project Design. How do you make your bed?

Good morning my friends ... now that my life is in it's most "normal routine" state ... that being kids back in school and I can begin to create some sort of organized schedule for myself ... I am finally feeling Fall in the air and I am ready to start cocooning!

Realizing that in the next few weeks, DayLight Savings will come into play and it will now be dark at 5 pm here in New England.  I begin to really nest and fluff my "cocoon" for the winter. 

One of my favorite places to do this is in my Bedroom.  After all, there is no better place to Cocoon!

Mary Ann Pickett and Cindy Hattersley have been bringing some talented folks together to share some fun ideas with you in regard to coffee tables and gallery walls ... and next up ...

How to Make a Beautiful Bed

I'll be sharing a few tidbits through the week, but make certain to check in on Friday to see what these ladies and I have in store for you ... Get Ready to Coccoon!

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