Best Compliment.

I received a call last week.  My sweet client shared that she and her family were moving to Vermont.  

Would you still design for me if I am in Vermont?  Best Compliment ... EVER.

Yeah, well.  That took me about 2 seconds to answer!  Not only are they just simply a precious family.  I love working with them and being a part of their "home" life.  Interior Design is Personal.  We become involved with the families we create for.  They become far more than "clients".  I have been so blessed to work with people that truly become a part of my life.




When the actual Design process is over it is like a "soft" breakup.  What do you mean I can't just drop in anytime ... like use my own key or take over?

I had to return my key!  Can you imagine???  

So YES!  Tell me when ... and I will be in Vermont as soon as you can say the word!  They became a part of my life when they moved from an in town Boston apartment to the suburbs.  Had their first child and we, together, began to make their house a home. 

What could make my world rock more than a friend asking me to continue to be a part of her life.


All Photos by Emily O'Brien

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.