Heading Home To Dinner. The Front Porch.

Today's post is a little sentimental and reflective ... all to set the tone of my Instagram takeover I am doing TODAY!!!  Please follow along @headinghometodinner ... and join me in one of my favorite rooms.  The Front Porch!

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As a child I spent summers with my Grandmother "Nanny" in Greenville Alabama. It was hot. HOT. And I began to understand the slow pace of the South during this time.  The heat was sometimes stifling, and I learned to sit.  STILL.  Today my family frequently chats about each of our personalities and who does what best.  I always come out with being a great Visitor.  You know, I like to sit and visit.  Anytime.  And the best visiting?  Is done on the Front Porch.

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After walking with my Pop Pop through his garden where he showed me, with pride, all the summer bounty taking place right in his backyard, we would all retire to the Front Porch. I loved the feeling on that porch.  Sitting in the wicker chairs with cushions worn out from use and so comfortable.  Everyone would start to relax, not saying much at first.  Then it was almost like breathing, thoughts started to be vocalized and meander over topics ... my favorite part was when my Great Aunt came over ... and the gossip started!  All in good fun, and generated smiles and laughter.  I hated for those nights to end.

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This October, Heading Home To Dinner, Boston's first ever dine-by-design event, featuring tables and bar carts created by Boston designers, in support of Heading Home's mission to end homelessness in our local communities, by working to secure permanent housing for families in need.

You guessed it ... my bar cart theme is "The Summer Cart" and it has everything you need to sit and enjoy the slow pace of a hot summer evening on the Front Porch.  The only thing I won't bring is the jug of Vick's vapor Rub that my great aunt used to rub me down with.  In case you didn't know, mosquitos won't come near the stuff.  Neither will anything/anyone else!

Please join us for several fun opportunities ... get your tickets



What a wonderful day at the Boston Design Center on Wednesday.  Liz Power, Co-founder of ArtLifting, Allen Chamberland, Artist and me!

"ArtLifting empowers homeless, disabled, and other disadvantaged individuals through the celebration and sale of their artwork."

Thank you to everyone who joined us ... and I am even more thankful for the Art that was sold! And Meg and Rachel at Grange for provided us a wonderfully delightful lunch! If you have a chance to pop in their showroom, they have some of ArtLifting's pieces and you can see how beautiful they look mixed in with Grange's gorgeous furniture!

I'll be bringing pieces and info on artists periodically to you and if you are curious and want to see a little more of the art available go to  ArtLifting and be inspired!  I'm working on getting their link on my sidebar so you can access anytime!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend ... I think it might be in the 40's here ... let the THAW begin!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.