Priority 1. #KMIProject Rental.

Yes, our Master Bedroom is truly Priority 1.  Generally people like to take care of public spaces first, and leave their Master Bedroom until later.  I have always believed that the Master needs to be a priority.  If not #1 ... a very close 2nd! This is the place you come to rest at night, to feel relaxed and renewed to begin your next day.  It is very hard to do this in a place that feels unsettled.

You might remember my plan for the One Room Challenge a few years ago.  I was thrilled with the outcome.  The room suited my need for collected, vibrant and intuitive.  I have all of these options still available with exception of my lotus blossom pendants and window treatments.

Lucky new owner of #KMIProjectPeckhamHill got to keep those.  But I do still have my bedskirt, headboard, accent pillow and a few extra yards of the Thibaut fabric to be able to create something for my two windows.

The result of my One Room Challenge ... 


Here is my baseline my friends ... Some odds and ends ... like this odd door, and how about that forest green carpet?  My gorgeous Matouk Duvet has been shipped off to the cleaners to start again fresh and new! 

A little settling in the house needs some new caulking and I'd love to get ride of the light fixture in the closet

And you know ... in case I feel like doing a load of laundry in my sleep ... all I need is to hook it up!!

This Circa 1719 - 1750 house needs alot of love and unfortunately no one really knows the fate of this house's future.  But I am going to create a space of calm and serenity in our bedroom for the short term ... or however long I might be able to live this dream!

And by the way ... while this room is #1 priority ... things are happening little by little in the rest of the place!!  Keepin' it real!


Life is an Adventure ... as long as you look at it that way!

I have moved 23 times in my Life.  We just made move #24.  Thankfully I was raised in a manner that taught me home is your family, not a place.  Now don't get me wrong, I have a true love for home and sometimes wish I had had the kind of life that allowed me to stay in one place for a long time.  But that wasn't my choice then ... and now it seems to be kind of an adventure!

Before Christmas I shared with you that my husband, Don, left his job of 25 years to start his own business.  In order to make this happen, we chose to downsize ... we left our home on 3.5 acres to a small cape with an acre.  What I found out is that an acre needs just as much attention as 3.5 ... it just happens a little quicker!

Our youngest is a Junior in High School and we have been batting around thoughts about where we would like to live when we "grow up!"  Our plans seem to change on a dime these days but last summer we decided to put "project downsize" on the market ... and with mixed emotions the house sold.  The move was ultimately part of the plan, kids are growing up and out and we are now 2 "self - employed" people in our 50's and really not certain how it all will turn out.  But we have the desire, the support from each other, our kids and family.  They might have thought we had truly lost our minds, but they backed us anyway.

If you have followed along #ProjectDownSize and #PeckhamHill you know that stop allowed us to re-group, me a new canvas to work on my designs ... Don the ability to work toward his new business.  Always knowing it would be a temporary stop on the adventure.

We chose to rent for a few years and we just moved into my DREAM home.  A "circa" 1719 house with a barn .... WITH A BARN!!!  I have died and gone to heaven ... but who knows for how long so we are going to enjoy every minute!  Here is a photo ... but know that this old "Inn" has been turned into 4 units.  We have the whole left side ... I'll take you on a tour as we progress!

Funny things about dreams ... I have always dreamt of a circa home with a barn.  And it was given to me, but seemingly only a short term gift.  I look at this two ways:

I wasn't specific enough. 


God is letting me have this little dream until he is ready for me to move on to His dream for me.

I hope you will follow along on our adventure and how I take our possessions from previous homes (and possible furniture hoarding tendencies) and re-imagine them in our new home.  I'll be posting on IG and FB and working on occasional SnapChat stories (kim_macumber) if you are so moved to follow along!  


Starting Fresh.

2016 was full of changes and 2017 is setting itself up to continue that trend.  Both in my personal life and in my design.  As you most know, I am a traditionalist at heart ... but love keeping it fresh and bold with color and pattern.  As anyone would, who is exposed to more and more design styles on an hourly basis, I have found myself loving the clean crisp feel of modern spaces.  Last year I had the opportunity to work with a client who was eager to "clean" out, minimalize and create a little drama in his home, a 1950's ranch where he grew up as one of 6 children.  He kept the house after his parents passed away and very little changed over the years.  It was time to re-imagine the space! 

The plan was to bring a little "urban" edge to this suburban home ... And it all started with this charcoal drawing ...

Last February KMI moved into a warehouse studio space and not only did it allow me a true design space, it introduced me to some new creatives!  One in particular, an artist Mary Spencer. She did this fantastic charcoal which became the inspiration for my client's living room.  I am so in awe of the local artists I have met, and try to include their work wherever I can.  

We kept some of the original pieces of furniture, reupholstered them and then brought in fresh modern pops and art to create a new feel for the home.

My client's hobby (serious hobby!) is photography.  I loved his collection of photos, this particular collection had an "edge" that I thought mixed in well with the vibe we were going for!  

It makes my day when clients allow me to use their items and mix with new ... and this large piece of art balances the gallery wall across the room.

One of the most fun aspects of my job is working with different personalities and being able to make their vision come to life.  I learn so much every day from my clients. 

"You'll never know everything about anything, ESPECIALLY something you love."

Julia Child

All photographs by Emily O'Brien Photography