Wallpaper. Revolution.

The color of this summer is so refreshing and needed.  I have been soaking up all my garden and all the roadsides have to offer this year.  I thought that my craving for color came from the bleak white snow covered winter we were stuck in for months.  Yet I find that the more nature gives me I keep yearning for more.

Are you an InstaGram fan like me?  I am truly loving daily feed of goodness.  IG is a rolling inspiration board and this week Kara Cox in IG friend posted this photo ... 

Over the top GOODNESS!  This is an install happening by Tiffiany McKinzie ... and the wallpaper is a creation of Lindsay Cowles ... here is some more of her work ...

Screenshot 2015-07-07 08.25.45.png
Screenshot 2015-07-07 08.25.59.png

True to form, I chose some of Lindsay's more bold choices ... go here to see them all.  You will be looking for a space to bring one of these designs into your home!

Way to go Tiffany with this beautiful install ... looking forward to seeing it completed, thank you Kara for the introduction ... and Lindsay ... thank you for your vision and creativity!!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.