Design Celebrity Sighting

What a Game Changer this weekend was!  The sun started shining and it was actually light until almost 7 last night.  I do believe we have survived this crazy winter!!

Last week started my re-aquantance with light and sun while at the Boston Design Center.  Charles Spada, one of my absolute favorite antique dealers and designers, has expanded his showroom to a side of the design center that is flooded with light.  FLOODED with light.  I stood there almost in shock from the warmth of the sun and the sheer LIGHT that filled the space.

Well, the light balanced with the curated eye of Charles ... here's a sneak peek at what is happening in his new space.

And then ... I got my to chat with Charles.  One  of the most wonderfully engaging people I have spoken with in a long time.

Monday morning Motivation happening here with all the promise of sunshine and light this week.  Nature's shot of Vitamin D for sure!  Make it a great day!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.