ArtLifting + Designers = Heartfelt Success

When I discovered ArtLifting back in November I was so moved by the work of Liz Powers in promoting Art as a way of inner discovery, and a place to come and create and sell artwork for many that have no where else to turn.

Liz and I had the opportunity to meet and I asked how I could help ... could I spearhead a fundraiser to provide art supplies?  She has a much larger vision ... and a correct one!

We, designers and decorators, could be ArtLifting's biggest sales force.  What they need most is a way to showcase the Art so that others can see it and buy it.  Which is the best support we can give. 

So please ... mark your calendars ... 

Join Liz, Stephanie, Allen and me to discover something beautiful and lets talk Art for ourselves and our clients!

Thanks again to Meg and Rachel of Grange for treating us all to lunch after!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.