First. Date.

First, thank you everyone for your sweet notes about my Father.  They mean more to me than you can ever know.

So ... Back to my First Date.  With a Paint.  Yep, it is a relationship for certain.  For years I have been going steady with Ben (you know who I am talking about).  Then I met Heather, my Sherwin Williams rep, and she convinced me to cheat.  I guess she thinks I am easy like that!  So I said ... Okay.

I call it Color Neutral.  My clients are very traditional ... I am puuuuusssshiinnngg them toward a little more pop.  Very restrained pop ... but I think they are feeling it!  We will do little things like a "fan pleat" on the drapes ... 

And a beautifully open and 'curvy' chandelier in ... GOLD.

Little Steps, my friends, in the Forward March of Design.

The "Indigo Batik" Blue went up in the dining room this weekend.  IT ROCKS.  And we did a little "Loggia" on the ceiling.  Now, while this isn't a huge WOW in my design insistence of High Gloss scale of late.  It is a WOW and a change for them.  Throw in that Beautiful Kravet fabric and this is a WIN.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.