Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Repetition is happening.  Again.  Here in New England I am sitting here watching the expected 12-14 inches of snow rain down.  Yep Repetition of last week!

In Design ... it is coming back around as well.  But a Fresh and sophisticated way that I am loving.

On Friday I shared the latest Robert Allen Botanical Collection and their Floral room. Major Repetition.

The Navy and White Stripe repeats on the walls, the headboard and the bedskirt.  And even an animal repetition with the rug and benches.  The Repetition gives a design impact in this small space without making it seem busy or "over" designed.

Designed by Philip Gorrivan, this bedroom is a subtle example of repetition.  The Window Treatments and the headboards create unity and the artwork is an excellent player in the role of supporting character.

In this bedroom by Nancy Corzine ... the impact is indeed the Headboard ... Our eye is drawn up to the ceiling and all the way back down to the bench at the end of the bed.

All Images via House Beautiful.

So my friends, this is not your grandmother's version of repetition.  But fresh, new and exciting ... I, for one, cannot wait to bring this look into my Girls/Guest Room

Everyone in the Northeast be safe and warm.  For my Southern friends ... I am missing you!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.