Sofa Talk.

I thought Monday morning would be a good time for a talk on sofas.  I prefer the word Sofa to Couch. Kind of like how I like Drapes over Curtains.   I have no real reason for my logic. Just the  way I like to talk.

So let's talk Sofa.

The word "Custom" makes some people sweat as if it is code for "outrageously expensive".

Well, I've got news for you ... it doesn't have to.  It CAN ... but it doesn't HAVE TO.

Here are a couple of my favorites to use as examples ...

Manchester - Duralee - Rolled Tight Back - English Arm - Casters

I am finding that my favorite sofas have no back cushions.  I like to scooch all the way in the back or corner and the large back cushions end up on the floor.  I still like my accent pillows and they are perfectly sufficient if I need a little propping up!

Berwick Sofa - Arhaus Furniture - Tufted Classic

But this is from a store you say ... this is NOT custom ... but my friends, it can be!  Most stores will work with you to get what you want.  So while you look around before you immediately decide that what you want is just not out there ... well ... think again.

For a client I am working with now, we wanted the lines and the shape of the Berwick sofa from Arhaus, but we didn't want the tufting OR the leather ... We want it to feel farmhouse.  Here's a close up of our "custom off-the-rack sofa"

Most stores have promotions during the year where they will offer alternative fabrics on a stock piece at no additional charge.  Just ASK!

And most all true Custom companies offer a "build your own" program.  Where you can literally pick the arm, the type of back (tight or cushions) legs, skirt or no skirt, tufting or not, etc.  

That is what I did for my sofa ... Tight Back, Rolled English Arm, Skirt (because I have all legs in that room and I needed the break!!) Basically the Duralee Manchester which I love ... with the addition of a skirt and not on casters.

So next time you are looking for a new sofa, don't settle and buy something that isn't exactly what you want.  Stay Strong ... and build it, work it, do it!  And do yourself and your Sofa a favor.  Upgrade the cushions ... Your new sofa will give back the love to you for many years!

I hope you will feel empowered next time you are on the Sofa hunt!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.