B&B Love.

I like old things. And I cannot lie.  If you are following me on IG you know that we are currently touring a few colleges in upstate New York.  Places I have never been and it is quite fun to see a part of the country that I truly didn't even know existed.  Let me just say that we have been driving through the middle of nowhere ... over and over. But we keep ending up SOMEWHERE!

Last night we stayed in THE CUTEST BED AND BREAKFAST EVAH!!! (I think that is a Boston Accent.  I am not sure that is the way they talk up here.  Just seems appropriate!)

The Litengärd B&B in Canton, NY as we prepare to tour St. Lawrence University.

Old Details like this grate.

Don and I have both always thought about buying and running a B&B.  It is a 24/7 kind of business.  But let's face it ... anything you do that you love becomes a 24/7 kind of deal.  And this B&B brought the dream back to an energetic thought.

I believe this house is from 1805 (ish) and the details that have remained make me swoon.  Literally.  Old Wide Plank Floors.

Rag rugs on pine.  Make my old kickers feel at home!

And Door Hardware that welcomes you in (from a very cold outside!)  and tucks you away in such a magical manner!

If you find yourself in Canton ... you must stop in and say hello to Margaret, the owner!

"And there were houses, he knew it, that breathed. They carried in their wood and stone, their brick and mortar a kind of ego that was nearly, very nearly, human.” 
― Nora RobertsKey of Knowledge

Making the World More Beautiful. One Room at a Time.