Paris Day Two. Part One.

Day Two.  We are back out this morning ... but not too early ... truth be told, it was about noon when we emerged.  I've heard it stated that "jet lag is for sissies." Well, Sissy I am.

As we slowly started on our trek to Père Lachaise Cemetery, the first stop becomes clearly obvious!

I've told you before, we are wanderers.  Yes, we have a destination in mind, but we truly let life take us where it wants.  We spied this active and busy place to stop and have our late breakfast.  Rue des Petits Carreaux.  This area was for pedestrian traffic only and we quite possibly could still be sitting there.  The people watching was superb!  Tourists and locals alike, people watching, eating and drinking wine, conversations were lively and loud!  Many hurrying by with their purchases of fish and pastries from the "permanent" markets there.

Much as we hated it ... time to move on.  

We happened along the Musée des Arts et Métiers ... and I took the obligatory photo of the original prototype of the Statue of Liberty.

Destination reached.  While many were clamoring to see the "famous" monuments of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, etc., we chose to embrace the calmness and beauty of this garden cemetery.

Situated on a hill the views were beautiful and the peace in the garden was palpable.

Next stop ... full of life.

Walking up hill ... toward Montmartre.  We search out this stunning house each trip.  The Fall being particularly picturesque as the vines climbing up the stones turns this electric shade of red.  Which, by the way, has been trimmed back since the last time we saw the house when it was covered in the vines.

Montmartre up next.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.