RedRoom. Details.

Thanks to everyone for sharing in my excitement ... mostly to have this room DONE!

This is where it all began ... what the room looked like when we first saw our "new" house.  You can imagine my mind started reeling with color and light needs immediately!  Can we discuss the fact that by the time we found this house we had seen probably every house in Sherborn and neighboring towns that was for sale.  And I was completely exhausted from decorating them all in my mind.  

When we finally saw this one, Don and I literally walked through it in 10 minutes.   We'll take it.

After our realtor had been through months of this with us I think she realized at that moment she was dealing with strange people.  We liked the layout, location and the price.  Done.  

This little space was going to be OUR room.  

During the house exchange, we had two nights to find a place to land while leaving one house and taking ownership of the next.  Don booked a room at the Fairmont Copley Plaza.  Still one of my absolute favorite hotels.  We had a little mini-holiday vacation and it is where the inspiration came flooding in.

Over a nice night cap in front of the fire in the Fairmont Bar ... 

See that red in the back left corner ... yep!  Cheers to bringing on the Red in #ProjectDownSize!

The room is cleared out ... and this wall of shelving came down.  We considered tearing out that closet, but ultimately decided to keep it their to house all the cable boxes, routers, printer, etc.  It has become our command central!

The hardware on the doors is throughout the house.  I think it might be historically correct.  I hate it. So slowly all door hardware is being replaced as well.  Nice door hardware is pricey.  I think I'll be asking for a doorknob for the next 10 years for Christmas!

The alcove left after the bookcases came down was a little awkward to furnish without making someone in that area not feel like they had been banished to the corner ... so we used a mirror that had previously hung in our master bedroom to create another light source and fill the space.

We kept these bookcases ... I kind of had to fight to keep these.  Once my family starts knocking down things it is hard to reel them back in!  We did take out that shelf over the window and had our electrician add the Alexa Hampton picture lights in antique brass ... this really is a dark little room and the lights not only look nice but were truly necessary.  I wanted the room to be moody.  Not dark.  Big Difference.

The paint ... Fine Paints of Europe Rembrandt Red.  High Gloss.  This paint is absolutely gorgeous.  The pigment is so true and it is tough to use.  I will typically attack a paint job with no issue.  This is oil base and high gloss and over paneling.  I hired my go to painters and they absolutely blew me away with the outcome.  Originally I was keeping the ceiling white ... but it gave a colder/crisper and more "modern" look that I didn't want.  We went with Benjamin Moore Gold Dust Metallic to keep my mood in tact.

Not only is this room for us, but I wanted to show clients that little spaces really like to LIVE BIG!  Don't be afraid of color, just go for it.  And I promise, you'll be thrilled you did!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.