Paris. Day Three.

I really didn't intend for this little Paris tour to take so long ... but just feel like it is better in small doses!  If you are just joining me, I am photo-journaling Don's and my recent trip to Paris.  This is truly a wandering tour, no museums, just where the road took us!

Back to our trip ... Day Three.  We left our "home" at the L'Opera and headed out to a new area for us.  As many times as we have been here we have never ventured out to the Bastille Area and I had a few stops planned for us.


As we began our walk we headed toward the Louvre and the Jardins du Tuileries was already in full swing. This fall day was truly like summer ... people were out ... locals and tourists, soaking up the sunshine.  No one was in a hurry ... just another of my favorite things about this beautiful City.

We crossed the Locks Bridge and If you follow me on IG you know I had a little Q&A about your feelings of the locks.

While I think they are artistic and "kind of" interesting ... they are tearing the bridge down.  Slowly the bridge walls are being replaced with a plexiglass cover, so no more locks.  Here's a photo so you can say you "saw it when".

A store that I had been wanting to visit ... I had heard it was similar to ABC Home in NYC.  

I was smitten as I stopped at the entrance.  These shirts of very sheer fabric were hanging in a very ethereal way in the entry and they were moving slowly in the breeze.  Quite Stunning.  One of my favorite things ... creativity that MAKES you stop and notice.

Then, I have to say ... once inside I was kind of underwhelmed.  I loved the store, don't misunderstand, but it was not nearly the place I had hoped for.  You can see that it was very sparsely furnished.  And while I get that look ... it didn't really have me wanting to recreate or bring home any of it.  

Interesting, yes.

Moving, Not Really.

I know, I like to be moved by interior stores.  It's a thing for me.

Back out on the street ... this area seemed to be a little less touristy and we stopped at Place de Vosges and joined in what the day seemed to be beckoning us to do.

Stop, sit in the sun and enjoy the people watching in this little Park.

I learned that Places des Vosges is the oldest planned square in Paris, built by Henry IV in 1612.  

The buildings were typically Parisian and I could have stayed there all day ... some of our sites:

A couple meeting for a bite for lunch with each other during their week day.

A young family playing with a small child.

A couple smoking pot.

A group of teenage boys playing their music and singing as if they were in a broadway performance.

An Older shirtless man working on his tan.

And the list goes on.


When we tired of our location, we ventured out to find a bottle of wine for the evening.

Day Three we only walked 7 miles and took our bottle of wine, added some cheese and bread and headed back to the hotel.  Tonight was Dinner in Bed with a good movie.  Don acquiesced to a Chick Flick. 

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.