Paris ... Day One. Part Two.

Still in our first day ... thought I'd also share some of what it is like to travel with us.

First ... I have always, and continue to be, singled out in the airport.  Way back in the early 2000's, when I traveled a lot for business, I somehow made the "random search" list at the airport.  No lie, ask everyone I have ever traveled with and my family.  It is a given, I am always being pulled out of line for a full search.  It is actually getting rather exhausting!

Now, this time might have been the issue of the corkscrew I was trying to bring with me (for our wine/sandwich picnic) ... evidently, there is a "little" knife on the corkscrew.  That was taken.

Back to our first day ... 

Not certain if this was some whacked scam to get money ... 

Woman:  Lucky Day! Lucky Day!

Don and I turn to see what the commotion is all about. A woman is picking up something off the ground. 

Woman:  Look, it is real gold, yes??  Oh Lucky Day .... No ... Your lucky Day ... I give to you.

Me:  (because I am particularly naive and overly emotional) Oh No, we can't accept this ... you found it!

Woman: No, my religion, no make-up, no jewelry, no smoke, no drink.

Me:  Oh that is so sweet (can I be more stupid?)

Don:  Not saying a word, looking at both of us as if he is watching an I Love Lucy episode.

Woman scurries ahead ... 

So ... I slip it on my middle finger ... and profess that we will bring it home and sell it.

Don:  (the more wise of our relationship) said it gave him the creeps, we need to get rid of it.

Woman comes back ... So ... Your Lucky Day ... should be my Lucky Day too!  Maybe you buy me a Coca Cola?

Don: gives her 10 euros and tells me to get rid of the thing.

We left an offering at the Church!

Back to our stroll ... 

Les Invalides ... the Gold Dome against the Blue Sky.  I have NOT altered these colors.  It was this magnificent.  IRL as my children say.

And then we see this sign.  I am not about to cut any ribbons today ... no worries.  Not about to.

We are starting to get a little weary ... one more stop and making the plan for tomorrow as we head back to our hotel to check in.

Love our view and little balcony ... 

And the roof tiles ... why do I love old rusty things so much?

Day 1.  Done. Don's fitbit logged us at 12 miles.  

Tomorrow we head to Père Lachaise and Montmartre ... Bon Nuit!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.