Fall ... it's what keeps me here!

I still consider myself a Southerner, although I have now lived in New England for over 10 years.  I certainly know that is not long enough to call myself a New Englander.  Sometimes I wonder if I fit in either place.  So I have come to embrace both of my homes, celebrate the best parts of each and call them mine.  

Fall in New England is what keeps me sane during the winter months.  It is so absolutely stunning that I cannot imagine living anywhere else at this time of the year.  Well, in March I do get a little cranky when I think of the azaleas blooming in the south and it is still snowing here..

We are expecting temperatures to drop significantly this week and even the threat of a Nor'easter.  ** Side note, up until this week, I thought a Nor'easter meant a "wicked" snowstorm.  Just have been informed that it is a wind pattern.  Somehow I missed that. **  So Don and I grabbed the camera and set out Sunday morning to capture the beauty of this spectacular Fall.  It is always colorful ... but something about this year.  It is one of my best.

A peaceful Sunday morning drive ... taking in Fall in New England!

Another reason I love Fall ... Football Boys!

Last Week we were the home for the Varsity Football Team's Pasta Dinner.  

50 players, 2 coaches.

I was informed that it wasn't supposed to be "pretty".  Just serve the food.  

This information came from Christopher and Don.

So I snuck some pumpkins and candles in.  It made me feel better.

What it takes to serve 50 High School Football Players Dinner.  

"Pasta" has taken a back seat to  protein:

2 Large Trays Chicken Parmesan

2 Large Trays Meatballs and Sauce

2 Large Trays penne pasta with Red Sauce

2 Large Trays Macaroni and Cheese

8 Loaves of Garlic Bread

1 Large Salad

1 Large Watermelon

We had a few lettuce leaves left over.  

They Came. They Ate. They Left.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.