Paris. Day Four.

This has been the longest drawn out four day walking tour of Paris ... ever!  

Last day ... and probably my favorite. I won't give you a complete play by play ... but I think these photos speak for themselves!!

Marchés aux Puces ... The Flea Market of all Flea Markets!

Stacks and stacks of wood flooring.  Extremely hard to leave this there.  

Sometime, somewhere, I will use flooring like this!

Okay ... interrupting here for lunch.  Delightful!

Ma Cocotte is one of the newest restaurants here and with the fabulous Philippe Starck as the designer ... I was in food, drink, design HEAVEN!

Look at the light fixtures ... I wish I had been able to get a better picture, but each woven light fixture had a unique chandelier or fixture inside.  So FUN!  I read an article when we came home about the design of the restaurant and all of the furnishings were sourced right in from the flea market.  LOVE that!

I don't know the man in the photo by the way ... but I think he is covering his mouth saying to his friends ...

"That woman has found me out and she won't stop taking my photo!"


My avocado shrimp citrus terrine.  I savored every bite!

Marvel at this mix on the floor.  Brick, wood and tile all patchworked in.  GORGEOUS!

Lighting was big ... 

This lantern became the inspiration for our dining room light fixture.  The Dining Room is on my list (long list) of rooms to tackle in #ProjectDownSize!

Piles and Piles of old curtains ... do you spy RL Alison?  Gorgeous old fabrics and this shop owner had the most beautiful old passementerie books ... he wouldn't allow me to take photos, they were old style (early 1900's) with hand renderings of rooms with the trims and tassels incorporated into the drawings.  The books were for sale and I am sorry I didn't bring one home with me.  I am still thinking about them.  Truly Inspirational.

The Flea Market is my museum.  I can always imagine where the old fixtures and furniture and linens were used ... I wish they could tell us about their life adventures.  My day is fulfilled when I can touch, smell and see all the the history that the market has to offer.  

I always encourage my clients to bring vintage items into their home, it fits into every style and adds history, warmth and interest.  I fall prey to the quick fix from HomeGoods just like everyone else, but the pieces that I find at flea markets come with a story ... a circle of life.  And are just more interesting.

The only purchase I made was some silver ware ... 4 forks, 4 spoons and 4 stunning bone handled knives.  And when I sit down at Thanksgiving this year and set the table with our mix of silver from different parts of the world I smile and remember our adventures ... and will be ever Thankful.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.