Monday Morning Calm.

I spent the weekend doing paperwork.  A designer's absolute nightmare.  Receipts were being uncrumpled from the bottom of my purse, I had Don working on excel spreadsheets and I was close to tears.  It is scarily like how I felt in High School Algebra.  It was NOT pretty.

But then the calm ... I am working on a beautiful farm project right now that is coming close enough to be finished to almost taste it.  We still have SO much work to do, but all the planning and ordering and decisions seem to be coming into their own.

These images from House Beautiful gave me the calm I needed to attack today.  The simple beauty that allowed me to hit restart on my brain.

I love this quote from Michelle.  It sums up my life.  

Do you do Old? Or New?

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.