#Project DownSize Kitchen Reveal

The Kitchen, truly the heart of the home ... and now she is done and performing more graciously than I could have ever hoped!

Remember my Inspiration photo of Grace?

Let's take a minute to step back, shall we?  This is how she looked during our home inspection ... before we purchased the house.

Remember in my post earlier ... I "dismissed" the door.  I don't want that door there, and remember the rules of the #ProjectDownSize ... no major construction projects.  The door stays.

But I don't have to accept its' role in my kitchen.  I need the space!

So After I decided to dismiss it ... I made it pretty!


All photos by Emily O'Brien.  Thank you Emily!

I've done several posts along the way of the "renovation", but will bring it all together for you on Wednesday.  And Friday, we'll get back to my walking tour of Paris!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.