Paris Day Two. Part Two.

Montmartre! We actually spent two afternoons here.  It is kind of like our re-connecting place.  

Touristy, Yes.  The people watching is superb and on this beautiful Parisian afternoon, the Rosé tasted delightful, the crowd was festive and the artists were busy. 

Pretty much perfection.

After a delightfully peaceful morning at Père Lachaise, this was the change up we needed!

We always circle the artists in the Place du Tertre first ... see who's painting what, the newest medium that always seems to popping up, and just how many drawings of Angelina Jolie and Elvis we can find.  

They are always there.

Since our last visit they have actually cleared out some of the artists and added more café seating.  I like it this way, but hope they don't squeeze out more artists, they give it the life and just enough cheesiness to make me love it!

I probably took about 50 photos of Sacré Coeur ... the sky was so vivid blue on this day and the Church looked more majestic than ever.

The views from the top of the Hill looking over Paris ... 

Notice how the sky is cloudy white and soft looking over the City ... 

and how strikingly blue and beautiful looking up to the Church ... 

More views coming down the hill from Sacrè Coeur.  There is always a festive feel on the steps ... and this year young men were hawking Heineken Beer.  Cases at a time.  Not certain of the thought process here. 

No filters here ... this is how it looked ... pretty amazing!

As we head down the hill we always walk through Pigalle.  Over the years this area has started to clean up as well.  It definitely still has its' seedy side, it's what makes it what it is!  But new bars, cafés and gathering spots seemed to be bringing in a vibrant young crowd.  We pretended we were young and vibrant!!

Day Two ... FitBit logged us at 12 miles.  I am here to tell you that when you walk that many miles you can drink as much wine and eat as many fresh baguettes as you want and it will not come back to haunt you.  The harsh reality is when you come back home and the bread is not as good and the wine doesn't flow quite so freely!

Next Week I'll take you to a couple of new to me areas, shops and my All Time favorite place to shop,   Marchés aux Puces!  Yes, one of my favorite days in Paris is spent at the flea market!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.