New York City

I could smell it as we turned the corner ... it drew me in ... 
fresh paint on the old iron gates that decorate New York City.

The girls and I spent a quick 2 days in the City and as many times as I have been in that electric city, I have never really SEEN the iron gates as I saw them this weekend.

Something about this trip that made me notice.  
Perhaps the Fresh Paint.
Perhaps the Sunshine.
Perhaps because this trip ... we had no Agenda.
Perhaps I am learning not to have tunnel vision. 

My vision of Iron has evolved.  

The scroll work.

I wonder how many times have these been painted?
And by how many different people?

It took the smell of fresh paint to make me notice.
Little does the owner know what joy his/her labor gave me.

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.