ORC Link Up … Week 1

Just when I thought I was capable of focusing on my own!

The One Room Challenge Linking Party starts today … for Six weeks you get to see a MILLION room makeovers with enough inspiration and creativity you could ever imagine all in one Place!

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Don:  "Kim, Can you just focus on the kitchen and the den so we can have two rooms completed before you begin the next?"

Me:  "Yes, I know!  I promise I'll quit jumping around and I'll do these two rooms first."

Don:  "Why are your piles everywhere?"

Me:  "I don't have an office."

Me:  "Linda is doing another ORC"

Don:  "Do it … at least SHE keeps you on task!"

Whoop Whoop … Here we GO!

There is a lot of Ugly to tackle before I get to my inspiration … I know you will pull me through!!

And, Yes … I chose Ms. Confidence!

Now go see what else is happening in homes across the world!

Making The World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.