HighPoint Market 2014 Trends …

Good Morning!  After a week at HighPoint Market, I have to tell you my head is exploding with ideas, images, new information, sheer design delight … I am breaking down my thoughts and photos so that I can truly digest it all and use the information to make my business better, to make my clients even happier and to really just let my creativity flow.

So as I break it down … I will share my notes with you!

Last week I shared a few clips on my Friday Snip-Its about HighPoint Market.

First and Foremost to me …

Details. Texture.  Layering.
It is Everywhere and it is coming on STRONG!
These photos represent a big departure from the 
neutral zone!

Pillow Details from ES.

I cannot remember the showroom with this sofa … it was just a prop to hold some more pillows!  Nothing was left "untouched".

Even The Doors Went Glam at Wesley Hall … 

Velvet. NailHeads. Greek Key.
Yep.  Pretty much had it all!

Chair Details were the norm … these beauties are from  CRLaine.

And then to the Divine Detail of them all … Alexa Hampton's Sofa at Hickory Chair.

Red Buttons on a Black and White Tweed.  I could Die.

I will share more inspiration and forecasting for the next round of design coming at us … but the details were abundant and it seems the world just might be ready to take a break from the all things neutral and add a POP into their homes.  Quite frankly, I am a fan … but even if you are still embracing the neutral zone … make certain to give your room texture and depth.  That will keep it fresh and current.

Happy Monday … I can help you add a little punch in your rooms if you are willing!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.