Going for Gold ... And White!

As I rule I generally wear Silver jewelry.  I am a creature of habit.  I have a uniform of sorts and I like a routine.
I tend to wear the same earrings, bracelets and rings every day.

I do like to change up my watch now and then.

But when it comes to interiors ... I lean to Gold.  

Especially in our dark winters ... I need the Warmth.

What I love about these spaces is that they are completely Liveable.  

Yes, a touch of Glam ... but just the amount to suit me.

Source Unknown

And While I have always admired others in Lilly, I feel a little FAKE in the pink and green.  It just doesn't feel like ME.
I'm far more comfortable in my jeans and cowboy boots.

But a girl does like to get dressed up on occasion and Lilly has given me THIS!

Now I can rock some Gold and White. 
Quite Comfortably ... and would probably pair it up with these.

1. If I had all the money in the World ... Bag.
2. Love the Flip Flop for Summer.
3. The High. And the Low
4.  And because I like a Collection.

Lilly, you've given me a Classic I can Embrace!
Going for the Gold Today!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.