Friday Snip-It's ... Baby It's Cold Outside!

1.  New Faucet and Countertops in.  Sharing next week my virgin opinions 
of manmade stone.
2.  Wallcoverings from Stark.  I love the "Pappagallo" handle!
3.  I was the only shopper in Home Depot on the Snow Day.
Nice, but creepy!
4.  Working My Stud in the snow!  
5.  Another Great Pillow sporting Bold color.
6.  Dining Room Project and love this chandelier from Dayton Home.
7.  Another one.  Either will do just fine!
8.  I have a Love/Hate relationship with Home Goods.  I would like to discuss this more.
9.  Snow Days allow me to get my"redneck" on and shift into 4 Wheel Drive. 
 No chewing tobacco allowed!

Have a wonderful Weekend ... It is needed here!  Cheers!

Making the World More Beautiful.  One Room at a Time.